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Thank you for visiting my website and using golem formation simulator. My name is gura. I operate this website (Dragon Spirit Lab).

I am surprised at many access and message from foreign game players. I am glad and will answer FAQ. Sorry for my bad English.

I’m using the Golem Formation Simulator but, when submiting the form I aways got the following error:
> Infantry damage buff is over upper limit(200%)
> Cavalry damage buff is over upper limit(200%)
> Bowmen damage buff is over upper limit(200%)

It is not error messege. It means that even if you increase damage buff, ineffective for Golem.

Why is there “vs Infantry Damage buff” input ?
Because it is effective for Golem. It seems to me that Golem is Infantry attribute.

Is Golem formation simulator usable for Guns of Glory ?
I don’t play Guns of Glory, but I hear that it is useful from GoG player.

Is it possible to get the source code of your CGI?
I don’t open to source code. instead, I show the algorithm of the simulator in my blog. It is very simple. (but sorry Japanese text)
G2 project 1
G2 project 2
G2 project 3
G2 project 4
Everyone can create new simulator using it freely.

why is this “simulator” not “calculator” ?
At the start, I tried to input buff and formation and estimate damage for golem. but I discovered best troop formation algorithm on the way. For more information, read G2 project.

Why when my troop count is 278175 your simulator only uses 278157 troops?
where do I put the other troops?
Simulator rounds down after the decimal point. for example,
March Capacity:100, T1 Infantry:10(10.5), T1 Cavalry:30(30.8), T1 Bowmen:58(58.7)
Do as you like a rest of soldier.

could you please allow sending variables to this page as this: http://kingofavalon-dslab.com/omake/sim_golem_form_en.html?troop_atk=100&inf_atk=100&……………
sorry, it is not allowed from security and my skill.


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  1. I really wish I could read your algorithm info! Is there a way I can easily translate information. I believe you simulator gives the best results…