golem formation simulator (v0.05)

input your buff with barbarian rally report.

Attack buff
Troop Attack
Infantry Attack
Cavalry Attack
Bowmen Attack
Siege Attack
Damage buff
Army Damage
Infantry Damage
Cavalry Damage
Bowmen Damage
Siege Damage
vs Infantry Damage buff
Cavalry vs Infantry Damage
Bowmen vs Infantry Damage
March Capacity

March Capacity: (0 - 1000000)

if you want to get march capacity after boost, input stronghold level and check use boost. push "calculation" botton.

sh_lv:lv (1 - 40)

Boosted March Capacity:

Max tia lv: (1 - 12)

(if checked, Siege T1/T3/T5/T8/T10/T12 are excluded)

update history
v0.05 support T12
v0.04 support T11
v0.03 add auto calculation Boosted March Capacity
v0.02 add damege buff upper limit
v0.01 first release

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